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The Ryan Seacrest Story

This is about the money. If Ryan Seacrest was not the face of E!, was not the producer of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” would the outlet take this stand? I don’t know what happened here. I was not there. But all I know is the word of women, especially when they’re not rich and […]

Moe Shalizi

He’s the manager of Marshmello. WHO? That’s exactly the point, you can manage an act that does double digit millions, drive a Lamborghini and live in a multimillion dollar house and most people have no clue who you or your act are. Except for the fans. I met Moe at a dinner at Jake Udell’s […]


Tracks-2/28/18 The first rule of recommendation is you send me something you think I will like, not that YOU like! “Best Friend” Sofi Tukker I know, I know, it was in the commercial for the iPhone X, but Strasburg iMessaged me about this yesterday and I pulled it up and felt the sense of recognition […]

Rick Mueller-This Week’s Podcast

He’s President North America of AEG Presents. He started off as a fan, became a drummer, ran the concert program at UCSB and ended up working for Bill Graham Presents in SF and then LN in L.A. and now AEG. So, if you want to know how to climb the ladder in the concert business… […]