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Brand New Day

“You can turn the clock to zero honey I’ll sell the stock, we’ll spend all the money We’re starting up a brand new day” Playlist: 1 Sting’s career was in the doldrums. After stunning the populace with the double album “…Nothing Like the Sun,” with not only the classics “Be Still My Beating Heart,” […]

Christie Tate-This Week’s Podcast

Christie Tate is the author of the best seller “Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life.” On paper it appears that Christie has it all, she’s #1 in her law school class, but her life is a mess. Group therapy unlocks Christie’s life, and the result is a fulfilling job, […]

Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin finally got his comeuppance. For years Alec has been telling us he’s better than us, that he’s unjustly persecuted, that he knows better, now we know that that’s all B.S. Do I expect you to care about the Hilaria kerfuffle? OF COURSE NOT! But there are a lot of lessons to be learned […]

All Of My Heart

“But I hope and I pray that maybe someday You’ll walk in the room with my heart” ABC Spotify – YouTube – 1 I’ve become addicted to Siggi’s coffee yogurt. Those playing the home game know that for years, decades in fact, I was addicted to Dannon coffee yogurt. But in the race […]