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Getting The Story

ASK QUESTIONS People will tell you anything, but you’ve got to ask them. This was my father’s mantra, YOU GOTTA ASK!, to the point where I developed social anxiety, I was embarrassed every time he’d engage, but he was right. He also taught me to be nice and make friends. People react positively to niceness. […]

Happy Together Tour

There wasn’t one song everybody didn’t know. That’s the difference between yesterday and today, the ubiquity of the hits. If you were alive, you heard them, they penetrated not only the airwaves, but society, and these acts had a bunch of them. The surprise was the Cowsills. They were so tight, the harmonies so perfect, […]

Harry Styles At The Forum

It’s the girls who know how to have a good time. Boys think they control the show. That they are the inheritors of the scene. That they’re what makes it all go forward. But women are the grease, without them the engine doesn’t turn, and the engine was humming last night! So it’s a secret. […]

Article 13 (And The So-Called Value Gap)

I’m against it. That’s right, I could say I’m with the industry and have my inbox overflow, but that’s not how I feel. You can’t hold back the future. Enough with the “value gap.” The truth is songs are streamed more on Spotify than they are on YouTube these days. Furthermore, YouTube gives people a […]