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Artists Are In Control

This is what the internet has wrought. For fifteen years we heard about recorded music revenue, how the business was being decimated, when the truth is the only people losing power were the labels themselves. Suddenly, the acts were making more. The truth is record deals were a lousy proposition unless you were a superstar […]

Best Keyboard Player-SiriusXM This Week

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Ryan Adams

Then there were cellphone cameras. Despite Cameron Crowe depicting the backstage life of a rock star as a pajama party, the truth was completely the opposite. Flawed men abusing women. You’d land in a town, play a show, and there would be groupies willing to service you. They wanted a piece of stardom, they wanted […]

Linda Ronstadt’s Live Album

Is it time to forget the baby boomers? Linda Ronstadt got a featured piece on the holy grail of television promotion, “CBS Sunday Morning,” yet no one is listening to her album on Spotify, and it’s quite good. Only two tracks break five digits, the rest are in four. For the math-challenged, that means “Just […]