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Tom Rush Weighs In

Responding to what Sasha Brown said, Bob, he’s right on about life on the road and the toll it takes, and the dedication it requires. Sometime in the mid-70s I came to realize that the artist was simply a money pump for the labels, the managers, the agents. I was travelling with, as I recall, […]

More Neal Francis

Bob, Just wanted to reply to your missive about Neal Francis. What spurred me to write is how gracious his manager Brendan O’Connell’s reply was to you in response to your comment “Someone’s got a deep pocket.” I’d ask you to take a step back and reflect about how dismissive of hard work and sacrifice […]

Changes, Pts. 1 & 2

Spotify: YouTube: I found this on Spotify’s “Discover Weekly.” Since the service is run by algorithm there are more misses than hits on this playlist, but I go back every now and again to see what’s shaking and… I’m not at a loss for recommendations, it’s just that too many are of acts […]

The Landscape

Everything you’re told is big is actually getting smaller. You used to feel inadequate because you didn’t have enough money, now you’re made to feel inadequate because you just don’t know enough, when the truth is everything is less important and no one knows it all and no one knows what is going on. GOLDEN […]