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All The Nasties 1 I have a scratch in my copy of “Tiny Dancer.” Which was never a hit. Cameron Crowe shot “Tiny Dancer” into the stratosphere with that scene in “Almost Famous,” but you’ve got to know, if you wanted to hear “Tiny Dancer” back then you’d better have purchased the album, “Madman Across the Water,” […]

Bruce Hornsby In Relix

“‘What I owe an audience is what I’m most passionate about at the time,’ he says, ‘And if I’m just going through the motions and saying ‘Here’s that one from this year and here’s this one from this year,’ I’m doing a disservice to my audience.’” Are you an artist or an entertainer? “Relix” used […]

Joy Of My Life

“She’s sweet to me Must be the luckiest man alive Did I tell you baby You are the joy of my life” This is the track, at least on the first play through, second time through the new Chris Stapleton album it’s got stiff competition, but the listening experience to this new LP is positively […]


From: Alyssa Garcia Subject: Covid and touring crews Hey Bob, I’ve been receiving your emails for about a decade. I had a music industry teacher in college recommend I sign up. He would actually read a lot of your letters in class. I ended up dropping out of school early when the opportunity to tour […]