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Gray Days

I spent an hour today checking out the cams. You see they got two feet of snow in Vermont yesterday, actually, it’s still snowing. First I went to Mad River Glen, just over the hill from Middlebury, albeit a treacherous journey. Mad River still has a single chair, it’s locked in the past, and it’s […]

The Azoff Tape

Students of the game know that Jeffrey interviewed Irving at the “Billboard” touring conference. I was in Iceland, but I just watched the tape, and a number of things stood out. 1. Don’t take it personally. Jeffrey said Irving always told him this. Now I’ve got a hard problem with this, especially in deals. You […]

Missing The Mania

I just read in MusicAlly that Fortnite has 200 million registered users. It almost made me want to play. Because I want to check out every phenomenon, and I want to belong. Never underestimate the power of membership. We are social animals, and we feel best when interacting, when in the flow of life, not […]


They’re preparing for the future. Unlike the record companies. The labels and the artists berated not only the techies, but their own customers, demanding that everybody jet back to the past. When people drove cars and the rest of the world was not going electric. Clayton Christensen wrote the blueprint in “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” You […]