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Tonic Mountain – Spotify I discovered this on Daily Mix. I heard Barenaked Ladies’ “Baby Seat,” skipped through a song by Beck from “Sea Change,” heard another number that was blah and then… You know it when you hear it, paraphrasing the Supreme Court on pornography. I always thought Tonic was a wimpy act, closer […]

Lyor Goes To YouTube

The only problem is people HATE HIM! Expecting Lyor Cohen to make peace with labels is like believing Roger Waters will get back together with David Gilmour for a concert in support of Israeli statehood. This shows how out of touch YouTube is, I hope the ink isn’t dry. As for Lyor himself…KUDOS! He crawled […]

Daily Mix

This is a breakthrough. The problem with Apple Music is it’s locked behind a paywall, and unlike Sirius there’s no amnesty, no free weekends, once your trial period is up you’re gone, forever, unless you want to pony up. I know, I know, it’s hard to compete with a free tier. On YouTube and Spotify. […]

All For The Hall

Joe Walsh played “Meadows.” I had the world’s worst case of mononucleosis but despite the infection I decided to drive my BMW from Salt Lake City to Connecticut and I needed new tunes to get me through so I went down to Odyssey Music on State Street and bought six cassettes, including Joe Walsh’s new […]