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The Winter Sun

A winter’s dayIn a deep and dark December "I Am A Rock"Simon & Garfunkel My sister told me it was seventy six degrees in Minneapolis today. Those are not the winters of my youth. I remember damp and rainy Novembers morphing into frosty Decembers, oftentimes dark and dreary, sometimes laden with dropping snowflakes, and every […]

This is the story of the Hurricane…

I’m going to sleep well TONIGHT! That big storm you’ve been reading about, that fucked with Denver for the second time in a week, it didn’t hit Vail AT ALL!  Oh, we got a dusting overnight, but the only way you’d know is by looking at the few automobiles parked outside.  Dreams of powder snow?  […]

Monterey Pop Outtakes

So we fired up Monica’s boxed set of the Monterey Pop concerts.  She and Felice wanted to relive their past.  After all, they went when they were just fifteen, without their parents knowing. And I expected nostalgia.  I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed.  I didn’t expect to be jetted back to another era, when music […]

The Pow

I did not grow up poor. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea, my father was a self-made man.  He had to go to night school, not being able to attend college during the day after his father died and left his estate to his first family.  My father had to support his mother.  He didn’t […]