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The Beastie Boys Movie

It’s fantastic. Too bad it’s on Apple TV+. Like I always tell you, distribution is king, and if you want someone to experience your art, you want it to have the widest distribution possible. Sure, you can be the Wu-Tang Clan, and sell your album for millions to Martin Shkreli, but that’s not about art, […]

Now The Green Blade Riseth

Green Blade I spent an hour today watching a recording of last night’s Public Theatre play on YouTube: “What Do We Need To Talk About” This is the latest chapter of the Apple Family. Previous stories have been performed over the past ten years. But this is the first one to make its debut live […]


Broken This is Don Winslow’s best book. Winslow is most famous for his drug cartel trilogy. You should check it out. “The Power of the Dog” is excellent, “The Cartel” is even better, however last year’s finale, “The Border,” is a disappointment. You see Winslow has a couple of writing styles. One dense, another minimalist. […]

Kathy Valentine-This Week’s Podcast

Bassist for the Go-Go’s, Kathy Valentine recently published a memoir, “All I Ever Wanted,” that is a must-read. Listen as she tells tales of growing up without limits as the daughter of a single parent, venturing to Los Angeles to make it and becoming a member of the Go-Go’s. Valentine is articulate and quite the […]