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When The Curtain Falls

Spotify YouTube He doesn’t always sound like this. That’s right, you’ve got to hear Greta Van Fleet’s rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” on Spotify It’s quite remarkable, you’d almost think they wrote it, kinda like Zeppelin being “influenced” by all those blues numbers way back when. But on “When The Curtain Falls,” Josh Kiszka […]

Jake Gold/Bob Lefsetz-This Week’s Podcast

That’s right, Jake Gold returns for a wrap-up on this year’s Music Media Summit in Santa Barbara. This is the last podcast in this series, hopefully you enjoyed peeking inside the conference and are motivated to come next year! Listen on… TuneIn Apple Google Play Stitcher Soundcloud Overcast Acast Castbox

Getting The Story

ASK QUESTIONS People will tell you anything, but you’ve got to ask them. This was my father’s mantra, YOU GOTTA ASK!, to the point where I developed social anxiety, I was embarrassed every time he’d engage, but he was right. He also taught me to be nice and make friends. People react positively to niceness. […]

Happy Together Tour

There wasn’t one song everybody didn’t know. That’s the difference between yesterday and today, the ubiquity of the hits. If you were alive, you heard them, they penetrated not only the airwaves, but society, and these acts had a bunch of them. The surprise was the Cowsills. They were so tight, the harmonies so perfect, […]