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The woman in front of me ordered a Banana Barge. I used to be anxious around black people, we all were. There were no African-Americans in my elementary school and our cleaning woman Jean was black and essentially a member of the family and my dad made his living selling liquor to African-Americans but I […]

Jerry Greenberg-This Week’s Podcast

President of Atlantic Records in its heyday, he signed both Genesis and Abba and stewarded the success of Zeppelin, AC/DC and so many more. Ahmet rarely came into the office, he was out signing acts like the Rolling Stones. And Jerry Wexler was busy in the studio. Greenberg was hired to be in the office, […]

2018 Rules

There are no rules, the infrastructure’s been built, now is the time to follow your vision, don’t listen to naysayers, don’t listen to me, you will break through with your art if you are an artist, most people are not, they just want attention, they just want to be rich and famous, but if you […]

Fashion Nova

You can’t read the story unless you’re a subscriber. The best article I read on the plane out here was about Fashion Nova clothing, a brand built on Instagram. Cheap clothing with tons of varieties sold by models both known and unknown, You want to be a Nova girl. Big or small. This is not […]