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Golden Voices

Trailer: I recommend this movie. You can watch it sans ads on Amazon Prime, or for free, with ads, on Tubi and the Roku Channel, or completely free with no ads on the library outlet, Kanopy. And, if you ever want to know if and where you can stream something, please go to […]

The Hipgnosis Movie

“Squaring the Circle (The story of Hipgnosis)”: It was a moment in time. But we thought it would last forever. The oldsters, the denizens of the sixties, crapped on the seventies. It was too obvious, too overblown, some sunny element had been sacrificed, it was no longer a lark, but business, and what exactly […]


“Barbie” is pop. “Oppenheimer” is rock and roll. Sure, “Barbie’s gross exceeded that of “Oppenheimer,” $162 million to $82.4 million, but “Oppenheimer” will have longer legs in the public consciousness, because when you go deep, that’s when people resonate. Now if you weren’t aware of “Barbie,” you were living disconnected in Ted Kaczynski’s old shack […]


Re: The Syd Barrett Movie The most-played recording in my entire collection (which ain’t tiny) is Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Sheer genius. A few months after Barrett departed, we did a TV show with Pink Floyd, who were in the US for the Philadelphia Music Festival at JFK Stadium in July 1968. We were opening for […]