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The Velvet Underground Movie

Trailer: It’s not for everybody. It’s about the money. And the jobs. Stretching after my hike last night, not wanting to let a moment be wasted, also striving for the stimulation the internet affords, I read the “Washington Post” review of Fiona Hill’s new book: “The rare Trump insider memoir that doesn’t obsess over […]

The Many Saints Of Newark

(Spoiler alert: Yes, some plot points of “The Many Saints of Newark” are revealed below, but they’re not super-significant and if you bother to watch this turkey you won’t care. As for “The Squid Game,” I haven’t finished so don’t be a jerk and e-mail me about it, STAY SILENT!) It’s terrible. The hottest show […]


1 It was a musical turning point. I found out about the attack on the Twin Towers from Kate, she called and invited me to her house to watch TV, we needed to all be together. And then I woke up my computer. It was a Power Mac G4. I’d started with a Mac Plus […]

The Brian Jones Documentary

“Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones”: This guy must have never worn a condom. He fathered six kids out of wedlock and he died at 27! Then again, Brian Jones was famous for being amoral, mean and manipulative. And when you mix these characteristics in with someone who cannot say no to […]