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The New Oscar Rules

This is what happens when you’ve got your head so far up your ass all you can see is your navel. Let’s start from the beginning… The Oscars are irrelevant to everybody but those in the fading film industry itself, other than those who come out once a year to complain about this or that. […]

The Go-Go’s Movie

MTV broke the Go-Go’s. As late as the seventies, there were two Americas, the cities and the rest of the country, the hip and the non-hip, the clued-in and those out of the loop. But MTV started the long march towards unification, cable TV and the internet completed the journey, and now nobody is big, […]

Once Were Brothers

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band – Official Trailer The first half of this film is utterly astounding. Watching Ronnie Hawkins boogie on stage is worth the time alone. From back in the era when records were just the starting point, just the blueprint for a live performance. Those days are returning in […]

The Creem Movie

1 I needed to own Alice Cooper’s Alcohol Cookbook. I grew up in the marijuana era. But when I went to college in 1970, Vermont changed its drinking law to coincide with other rights in the state, which meant you could imbibe when you were 18. I spent winter term smoking dope. Watching the zilch […]