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Summer Of Soul

Trailer: It’s every bit as good as they say it is. Can’t say I was eager to see it, being burned out on Questlove, he’s everywhere, then again white people see him as safe and they won’t let anybody else through the door so it’s Questlove’s responsibility to get the message out, one that […]


Maybe the pendulum has swung too far. Data is ruining baseball. Turns out it’s best to only let starting pitchers go five or six innings. And have fielders adjust position based on the batter’s entire history of plate appearances. And since the pitchers are speeding the ball at 100 MPH consistently, the batters are employing […]

1971-Episode One I’ve been thinking I was born at the wrong time. Now I’m not so sure. On one hand I was born at exactly the right time, I was 10 when the Beatles broke, I was there for the British Invasion, I saw the whole movie, many of my contemporaries were not, if you were […]

Oscar Ratings

“Oscar Ratings Crash To All-Time Low; Viewership Falls Under 10M For First Time Ever”: This is what happens when you lose touch with your audience. Confronted with a decline in awards show ratings the TV industry has singled out once in a lifetime events as the cause. Nothing could be more untrue. If anything, […]