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The ZZ Top Movie

ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Official Trailer) I smiled throughout. The question is, will classic rock be to Gen Z what the blues were to the boomers? That’s right, the explosion that arose with the Beatles didn’t come out of a vacuum, all these English bands had influences, the Mississippi bluesmen. […]

The Great Hack

 People need movies to explain it to them. And streaming services have elevated documentaries as an art form, and given them more heft. You think it’s about theatrical, when the truth is it’s about streaming. But theatrical is like the “Billboard” chart, a facsimile of what’s happening. If a film grosses a hundred million, […]

Re-The David Crosby Movie

My inbox is inundated with questions about the David Crosby movie. The name, where they can see it… This proves to me three things: 1. The ineffectiveness of mainstream media. 2. The inability to Google. 3. The belief that if someone hears about something, they can see it immediately. The name of the movie is: […]

The David Crosby Movie

It’s utterly fantastic. Riveting. If you were around back then, if “Deja Vu” was a staple in your bedroom, or dorm room, you’re going to be taken right back to that era and marvel, it isn’t nostalgia, but more like being woken up, to the lost dream, and the journey thereto, and the possibilities that […]