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Echo In The Canyon

We’re lacking context. As a result we’re lacking inspiration. And therefore there’s no competition. What inspires you to be your best if there’s no scene? You can be the greatest singer in your neighborhood, on your campus, but if there’s no hope of recognition, no ladder to climb, you’re not inspired to take the chance. […]


Paddleton | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix They never make a movie about the way guys really are. You can see beefcake, men who love ’em and leave ’em, men who abuse women, but they don’t make a flick about the people I know. They do in “Paddleton.” The average guy can’t get laid, is […]

Neflix vs. the Oscars

Generational change happens while you’re busy arguing about disruption. Happened in the music business. For over a decade, we heard about piracy, after the advent of Spotify, we heard about streaming payouts, meanwhile the bitchers got older and the users got younger and the paradigm shifted. In music the oldsters have no chance, because they […]

Bohemian Rhapsody

So what have we learned? It was the worst-reviewed Golden Globe winner in 33 years: Bohemian Rhapsody Is the Worst-Reviewed Golden Globe Winner in 33 Years Not that I needed Rotten Tomatoes to tell me this, I’ve been tracking it all along. Excoriated in the press, I’ve yet to find one person who didn’t absolutely […]