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Marriage Story

I never want to get divorced again. This would be better tomorrow, when my mood stabilizes. But that’s not how life works, it comes at you unexpectedly, the twists and turns…the older you get the more you realize you can’t plan for anything. Oh, you can plan, but it never turns out that way, something […]

More Irishman

“Did ‘The Irishman’ Take a Bite Out of the Thanksgiving Box Office” “Don’t blame Netflix’s ‘The Irishman’ for the Thanksgiving box office being down this year” Just the fact they’re debating this proves the point. “The Irishman” on Netflix was an event. Other than “Frozen,” was there a picture in the theatre you had to […]

The Five

He got what he wanted. And he wanted me. Some movies you never forget, like “Tell No One.” A French production of a Harlan Coben novel. Yup, that used to be a badge of honor, going to foreign films, but now no one wants to read subtitles. So I’m always looking for shows to watch. […]

The Irishman

I don’t get it. Film and TV still have not learned the lesson that the customer is in control. The record labels fought the public and then gave in. It was a tortuous experience, it took almost a decade, but now you can get all the music for ten bucks a month, advance hype is […]