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We can debate the financial viability of “Grantland” all day long. But we cannot debate the fact that the site was synonymous with Bill Simmons, and without him it’s toast. Unlike the “Wall Street Journal”‘s digital coverage. Did you see the paper held a tech conference in Laguna with even more heavyweights than Recode? Illustrating […]

Final Rhinofy

ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC – LIVE Jan & Dean I know, Chuck Berry wrote it, the Beach Boys ultimately did a more famous cover, but the rendition I always think of is from Jan & Dean’s 1965 live album, “Command Performance,” from back before “Sgt. Pepper” made albums a statement and I purchased long players […]

The Zombies At The Saban

It was a religious experience. Used to be it wasn’t a show, but a concert. You know, the kind your parents went to, where you sat down and let the music wash over you, let your mind drift into a special place you could not reach anywhere else. Venues were temples. Places you went to […]

Get High

Sometimes the only way to get by Is to get high And I don’t even smoke dope! There’s a quiet revolution going on and it’s called the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. Beats 1 gets all the hype, but Discover Weekly gets all the love. I ignored it at first. Well, after a glance. Too many […]