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Def Leppard Deserves It

If rock critics are so smart, why is Kraftwerk not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? They don’t come more influential than the German synth act, and if you’ve ever been to one of their shows, it’s mesmerizing, even a non-fan would be wowed. But there’s a long history of critics being clueless. […]

Todd Rundgren-Why He Belongs In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Todd Rundgren “Open My Eyes” Nazz The Rolling Stones taught us the opening track on an album must be a killer, it must take you on a roller coaster ride, it must leave the station and never relent. “Open My Eyes” fits the bill. “Hello It’s Me” Nazz Am I the only person who prefers […]

I Am A Rock

A winter’s day In a deep and dark December I was freezing my balls off on the Tea Cup Express. The plan had been to ride the Orient Express up to the poma to ski Bolshoi Ballroom, but the light was so flat on the Poppyfields I decided to exit back to the front side, […]

Verizon Writes Down Oath

You’d like to believe the people, mostly men, running America’s companies know more than you do. Now I’m not so sure. Did anybody think that Yahoo had value? Or AOL? If you haven’t switched to Gmail, the joke is on you. There’s been no investment in AOL’s e-mail product in seemingly a decade. Change your […]