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Rhinofy-Todd Rundgren Primer

1. “Hello It’s Me” Todd’s not singing, but he wrote it, and was a member of the band. I still prefer this to Todd’s remake/hit single. The entire first Nazz album is a classic, check it out. Hello It’s Me by The Nazz 2. “We Gotta Get You A Woman” Pure magic, written for Paul […]

The Future

MAJOR LABELS Survive. Because they’ve got the money and the relationships with radio. Wanna compete? Have the money and the relationships. Until the radio hegemony is broken, the major labels will sustain. RADIO It’s the curation, stupid! And the ability to garner and maintain an audience. No one wants to go where no one else […]

Your Bright Baby Blues

Everything sounds good when it rains. On the east coast, rain is a nuisance. On the west, it’s a novelty, kind of like snow in Hot Lanta, just a bit more frequent. But not this year. Sometime in January, after days in the 80s, you realize…it hasn’t rained! And unless you’re a skier, you believe […]


Tumblr is for porn. Facebook is for the wannabe famous. Instagram is for those who are too lazy to write. Texting is social currency. It doesn’t matter how many likes or friends or followers you’ve got, but how many people text you and how regularly, that’s how popularity is judged today. Pinterest is inexplicable to […]