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This Is What Happened To Me…

Close Call (Thank you Kenny Weissberg for the link!)

Turning The Tide

MUSIC IN SCHOOLS Forget the rubbish about it boosting your brain, the bottom line is if we want better popular music, more people have to know how to play it. Speak with famous musicians and you’ll be stunned how many started in the school band. They caught the bug and stuck with it. With the […]

Harold Ramis

He cowrote and starred in my favorite stupid movie of all time, “Stripes.” No “Private Benjamin,” the stars of “Stripes” were never co-opted, always maintained their humor and outsider perspective, and won in the end. In other words, the nerds inherited the earth. That’s what comedians once were. Before they all got sitcoms and made […]

The End Of Privacy?

On one hand, technology enables us. On the other, it disables us. Sure, we’re coughing up information on Facebook, trying to make it evaporate after communicating on Snapchat, but the truth is there are cameras and tracking devices everywhere, what does this mean for the human condition? Is it a renaissance for thought? To quote […]