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Song Of The Decade

Yes, it’s been ten years.  And I’m not one for lists.  But in magazines and newspapers decade-ending rankings have started to appear.  Best movies, best TV shows and best songs.  So I thought I’d weigh in. Some have maxed out all their credit cardsSome are working two jobs and living in carsMinimum wage won’t pay […]


That was FANTASTIC! Metallica lacked the bottom, that visceral pounding on your chest that you get at a live gig.  They proved conventional wisdom, that rock and roll doesn’t work on TV. I stumbled into last night’s 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert during Paul Simon.  When Crosby & Nash joined him […]


I wanted to buy a Mountain Meal Card. Last year, Vail Resorts decided to drive up volume.  They lowered ticket prices.  Not daily prices, those are still sky high.  But if you were willing to lay down $549 you could ski every day at A-Basin, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Heavenly, Keystone and Vail, all of the […]

The Whole Amchitka Album

Consider this a public service announcement. I broke from this screen to watch the final "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  Talk about being nostalgic… The nineties were a lost decade for me.  My ex moved out in ’89, just when "Seinfeld" began.  I was a comedy nut, I’d seen all the stand-ups on late night TV, even […]