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My Illness

It was the trout at Galena Lodge. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t get warm. But I chalked it up to too much air conditioning, everybody was complaining, but that couldn’t quite explain shivering and chill bumps two hours later, or could it? You see it was illegal to be sick in the […]

Rhinofy-Bad Company Primer

Almost completely forgotten, they were the first U.S. release on Led Zeppelin’s label Swan Song and truly lived up to the appellation “supergroup”… Well, Paul Rodgers was super in Free, but that band had faded out. And Mott The Hoople only had one hit in the U.S., and we had no idea that Mick Ralphs […]

The Don Bar

I eat a lot of energy bars. I know they’re not real food, that’s what my nutritionist tells me, but they’re a good pick-me-up, assuming you buy the ones with enough protein. Yes, I’ve learned how to read the nutrition label. You don’t want one with less than ten grams of protein. Otherwise, you’ll just […]


MAJOR LABELS More powerful than at any time since Napster. Case in point, Sam Smith. One has to credit Capitol with a phenomenal publicity campaign. Mr. Smith has been featured in every major outlet, the press on his Apollo show alone was incredible. This is what a major label can do, it can build a […]