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Once In A Lifetime

We were not prepared for "Take Me To The River". Although KROQ ultimately played "Psycho Killer", I bought "Talking Heads: 77" because of the reviews.  Does anybody trust reviews anymore?  And I liked the album, but it did not have the rich production of the English discs, it seemed an artifact, a document as opposed […]

New Fillmores

Bill Graham is rolling over in his grave. If only they could come up with a new Dead, a new Santana, a new Airplane that would make these venues worth going to! Irving Plaza.  What the hell was wrong with THAT name?  A long, storied history, a rich tradition that people believed in.  But no, […]


You have to know where in the food chain to charge. Traditionally, labels were the driving force in music and they charged right up front, you had to buy the album after hearing a track or two on the radio.  Only problem was…were you going to like the whole album if you only liked the […]


I wasn’t sure if this thing worked at first. I used to be a stereo expert.  I could HEAR the difference! I remember after passing the bar exam, to reward myself I was finally going to buy a tape deck.  I went to Federated and A-B’d the Aiwa and the Nakamichi 582.  Even though the […]