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Acts You Want To See Before You Die-SiriusXM This Week

Or they do… Tune in tomorrow, Saturday October 1st, to Faction Talk, channel 103, at 4 PM East, 1 PM West. Phone #: 844-686-5863 Twitter: @lefsetz

Dirty Business (Live)

Spotify: YouTube: 1 “Dirty business down in coal creek” COAL CREEK? Where was THAT? The past is starting to blur, but I’m here to tell you the seventies were different from the sixties. The sixties were about testing the limits, pushing the envelope, the seventies were about licking our wounds, there was the […]

Roxy Music At The Forum

Spotify playlist: 1 This was the last time. Most people don’t understand touring is a business. A band just doesn’t decide to go on the road and then see what happens… They evaluate the offers from promoters, is it enough to cover expenses and make a profit? You might have seen the Santigold story […]

Thom Hartmann-This Week’s Podcast

Radio talk show host Thom Hartmann reaches 7 million people a week. We discuss the status of both the Republicans and the Democrats and investigate the state of talk radio today. Thom is erudite and insightful, prepare to be stimulated!