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The Prince Flap

This is HYSTERICAL! Is the pint-sized rocker truly going to get the last laugh? Oh, you remember, when he changed his name, and painted "Slave" on his cheek. The big bad record company wasn’t allowing him to do what he wanted, which was to release more MUSIC! For those who’ve forgotten, that was Warner Brothers, […]

This Sunday Night On KLSX

John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley, performing their acoustic rearrangements of Stones songs, some solo stuff and recounting a bunch of rock history, like how Batdorf was signed to Ahmet’s Atlantic but then asked to be switched to Geffen’s Asylum for the second album and ultimately ended up on Clive’s Arista, which is the last […]

McCartney At Amoeba

It was positively MINDBLOWING! If you weren’t at least ten or eleven back in ’64 you’ve got no idea, you’ve got no concept of BEATLEMANIA! And that’s what was in evidence this evening at possibly the world’s most famous record store. I mean I’m standing with Felice and Peter Paterno and you can hear WHISPERS! […]

Randy Phillips Responds

From: Randy PhillipsSubject: Re: Kenny ChesneyDate: June 26, 2007 6:03 PM PDT Bob, only you can ruin my high from opening the greatest arena in the world, London, England’s The O2, this week. Here I sit in my hotel room at 1:30am and I foolishly open your blog, or whatever it is. Both Kenny Chesney […]