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Spotify remix Spotify original YouTube remix YouTube original No, not the Olivia Newton-John track, although Freddy Moore played that every time we had lunch at Los Tacos, with or without Demi. It’s rare that the remix is better than the original, but that’s the case here, the star is Mark Ronson. Ronson turns “Physical” from […]


And I thought the battle wasn’t supposed to start until AFTER the election! The best political piece I read this weekend was by Margaret Sullivan, in the “Washington Post”: “Fact-checking Trump’s lies is essential. It’s also increasingly fruitless” You’re waiting for truth to save you. The system. But that would assume we were living in […]


It doesn’t matter whether I like it, it’s whether the public will accept it, whether it will connect with the general marketplace, or those it is targeted for. Music is a professional business. Since it requires no CV, no education to get involved in, everybody thinks they’re an expert. Never mind the false information that […]


Teddy Swims – Broke Is this the new “Blurred Lines”? I’d say it’s a one listen smash, but that’s not an accurate description, IT’S A FIFTEEN SECOND SMASH! Oh, it’s not much of a song. A groove, that really doesn’t go much of anywhere. But it’s so infectious. It makes you move, it brightens your […]