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Harvey Lisberg-This Week’s Podcast

Harvey Lisberg was the manager of Herman’s Hermits, 10cc and more. Harvey tells a good story, you’ll enjoy this.

Mitch Freezes Again This is why we can’t have octogenarians, never mind nonagenarians, running the country. But oh yeah, you can’t say that. It’s elder abuse. Why is it everybody in America feels entitled to play at a professional level in every endeavor they choose for their entire life? If you’re five foot two, you can’t play […]

The Death Of Radio?

All you have to know is “Rich Men North of Richmond” went to number one on the streaming chart. Which is a bit complicated, because there’s on demand streaming and radio-style streaming, and YouTube and… But if you make it to number one, one thing is for sure, people are listening! It’s all about consumption. […]

Golden Voices

Trailer: I recommend this movie. You can watch it sans ads on Amazon Prime, or for free, with ads, on Tubi and the Roku Channel, or completely free with no ads on the library outlet, Kanopy. And, if you ever want to know if and where you can stream something, please go to […]