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The Guardian Article

Sony backs Doug Morris to show music industry he’s a long-player Who gives a shit what some nobody in the U.K has to say about the most legendary recording executive still working in the business.  The biz is a closed club built on relationships and the opinion of an interloper is irrelevant. Then again, it’s […]

I Need A Dollar

Funny I saw a live electronic band doing a rework of the aloe blacc dollar song on friday and all 700 kids knew it like second nature Don Strasburg Huh? Actually, it’s Aloe Blacc, but I wouldn’t know anyway.  But Google is my friend, so I fired it up, wondering if the search engine could […]

Find The Cost Of Freedom

Yes, the B-side of "Ohio". Warren Haynes’s only flaw is he’s not beautiful.  Because not only can this guy play, he can SING!  If this were 1971 instead of 2011 Warren would be a household name, someone all over the radio, who fans would flock to see in concert. I got an e-mail imploring me […]


It takes years to make it. Wannabes believe these years are about getting recognized, but they’re really about honing your craft, becoming so good that people do recognize you. Harry Houdini was a tireless self-promoter.  A self-created person who needed to make it, for the fame, the money and the adulation.  Isn’t it interesting that […]