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Fleetwood Mac At The Forum

As they should be. Once upon a time our bands graduated to the arenas where the basketball teams played, now we’ve got our OWN PLACE! That’s right, music lives at the Forum. And if you’ve never been, get in your automobile and make a pilgrimage to where there’s no scoreboard, no sports paraphernalia, only music. […]

Pomplamoose Blog

“Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits” I don’t hate Jack Conte. I hate the people who are forwarding me this blog. What don’t you get about capitalism? The law of supply and demand? What I hate about artists is the constant bitching, as if the world owed them a living. I’ll go on record once again that […]


Do I have to sacrifice my seat? As it was I didn’t get the seat I wanted, I wanted to leave on the 11:45, but that plane sold out before the travel agent could jump on it. So here I am flying two hours later and the fortysomething mother implores me to give up my […]

Music School

Screw the “Voice,” when are we gonna have an American music school? I’m sick and tired of reading about Max Martin and Adele, products of their countries’ respective music academies, and being subjected to the dash for cash lowest common denominator American dreck made by people who can neither sing nor play, never mind having […]