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Long Road Out Of Eden

Doing my back exercises before packing for a trip last night I fired up the title track of the Eagles’ new album. And realized it was no longer 1976, only fans had heard it. Don Henley has gone from being a ubiquitous god, a rock star we follow the steps of, to just another niche […]


You want satellite radio to be successful.  And when it becomes so, you’re going to bitch. I love a good argument.  I like debating the merits of different media, different TV shows and music.  Hell, that was the domain of the fan, passionate discussion.  But if you’re still arguing about talent, about quality, I’m wondering […]


Perched on a ridge atop Vail’s China Bowl is a large day lodge known as Two Elk.  Yes, this is the one the eco-terrorists set aflame.  The replacement is identical except for one feature.  The bathrooms are on street level.  Or should I say snow level.  You don’t have to clomp up and down stairs […]

Everybody Knows

Funny how the most legendary tracks are never hits.  Not singles played on the radio, but album cuts that seep into the consciousness, never mentioned by the hoi polloi, but celebrated by the cognoscenti.  Like Leonard Cohen’s "Everybody Knows". What does everybody know? Everybody knows radio sucks.  Everybody knows MTV plays no videos.  Everybody knows […]