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The second side of "We’re Only In It For The Money" opens with "Flower Punk": Hey punk, where you going with that flower in your hand?I’m goin’ up to Frisco to join a psychedelic band Notice Zappa didn’t write SAN FRANCISCO! His audience knew what he meant by "Frisco", he assumed a level of intelligence, […]

Crystal River

I’ll be honest with you, when I sampled Mudcrutch’s album on the band’s site last night I was not impressed. Maybe you just can’t get it in short snippets, maybe that’s why call-out research is fucked, maybe that’s why the band should be streaming THE WHOLE DAMN ALBUM! Last night, it was not easy to […]

Lover Of The Bayou

It’s hard to hate Tom Petty, but he hasn’t done anything truly memorable since "Mary Jane’s Last Dance". And that was TRULY memorable. Which is why I always give his new stuff a chance. But somewhere along the line, he became self-conscious, at times even precious, and his music has suffered. But the fact that […]

Dots & Dashes

iPhone Do not buy before they release the vaunted 3G model, which Steve Jobs will probably announce at next month’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and should be available by July. Once you can surf the Web at high speed beyond wi-fi range, with a functional browser, demand will surge… In the U.S. anyway. BlackBerry remains the […]