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What has happened down here is the wind has changedClouds rolled in from the north and it start to rain "Louisiana 1927"Randy Newman I was starting to believe I was in Mammoth in June, skiing in the summer. And then, around noon yesterday, clouds started sneaking in through the peaks. It was like a change […]

More SpiralFrog

"’If someone wants to buy a million CDs from us and then give them away on a street corner, that’s fine with us as long as we get paid,’ said Larry Kenswil, a top digital-media executive at Universal Music." Universal Music to Offer Free Downloads Which way do these guys want it?  Music is so […]

The Lake

We’re killing a few minutes waiting for Felice’s medication to kick in.  The doctor said her laryngitis was just viral and she came this far to ski, so she should, but to lay low this morning. It’s another sunny day in paradise.  It was supposed to be snowing all day, according to, but I […]


Ever see a western?  With the posse in pursuit of the bad guys?  What does the brainiac ALWAYS say?  LET’S CUT THEM OFF AT THE PASS! Maybe record execs didn’t watch enough TV, maybe they aren’t aware of this most basic concept.  You don’t succeed by convincing people to play nice, to come back to […]