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Internet Privacy

Where is the outrage? Tim Westergren rallies listeners to save Pandora from extinction. Silicon Valley rallies the troops to save net neutrality. But when it comes to coughing up your browser history to you ISP? Crickets. Pop stars and sports team agitate against heinous North Carolina legislation that oppresses minorities and the state blinks. The […]

Thursday Playlist

Thursday Playlist – Spotify “Eagles Fly” Sammy Hagar I discovered this during the Napster era. It was never a hit, but it could be one of Sammy’s best productions ever, featuring an uncredited lead by Eddie Van Halen as well as credited bass work by that famous axe-swinger. And isn’t it funny, neither Sam nor […]

The Man Bun

When did this become a thing? I first started noticing it on hipsters. Yoga-pants wearing males sporting sandals who seemed to be saying I’m expending so much energy that I just cannot have my hair on my neckline preventing my sweat from escaping. Look at me, olfactory mess that I am, I’m a living, breathing […]

Galaxy S8

Much ado about nothing. Replacing your mobile phone today is like replacing your computer, something you used to do every couple of years and now do every six or seven. You see the functionality is good enough. Now it’s solely about fashion. I believe we need cultural signifiers. But they’re disappearing in front of our […]