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Antony & the Johnsons What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where this innovative act’s new album "The Crying Light" can enter the European chart at number one, notching a #2 in Spain and Sweden, #3 in Denmark, #4 in France, Holland and Norway, #9 in Italy and #18 in the […]

Radio On The iPhone/iPod Touch

I just lost two days of my life to Slacker Radio. Actually, the story starts earlier, with I Heart Radio. No, it starts before that with that labyrinth app, that Gwen Lewi showed me. I think it was Gwen.  I was over at her papa’s house, Jim Lewi, agent extraordinaire at the Agency Group, and […]

Microsoft Songsmith

Sunday afternoon (or evening, depending on your time zone), America will experience its one remaining tribal rite, the Super Bowl. The Oscars are toast, the Grammys a laugh, and "American Idol" so 2007.  Used to be you went to the movies so you’d have something to talk about at parties.  Then, collectively, everybody agreed the […]


I’m scratching my head with regard to these record company layoffs.  What are the bosses thinking? We can complain that a salary cut at the top can save multiple jobs at the bottom. We can look to Steve Jobs, who famously said during the dot come meltdown that Apple was going to innovate its way […]