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My P2P Adventure

I love to download music. There, I admit it.  I’m not a recovering P2P-aholic, I’m a binger.  And Monday night I binged. You see I’ve got a list of about twenty five things I always search for in my P2P application.  And, at least once a week, I fire up the app to see if […]

Podcast #12

1 According to the widget, it’s 63 in Santa Monica right now.  (In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, in Tiger, the latest Mac operating system, there are little programs called Widgets, you click in the Dock and they launch.  Four come preinstalled.  One is the weather.  So, it’s like that little temperature […]


Okay, close the doors, nobody else can get in. Don’t argue with Miles Davis.  If you’ve ever heard "In A Silent Way" you know that he deserves to be inducted way before Santana.  And, "Bitches Brew" is way more adventurous than the work of at least half of those ALREADY IN the Hall.  And, if […]

Kate Bush

Despite all the hype, "Aerial" only sold 22,593 copies in its first week of release, and 10,492 its second.  It debuted at #48 and fell to #129 in its second week.  Kate was even beaten on the chart by that great musical talent Regis Philbin.  Then again, Regis is on TV every weekday.  And Kate […]