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Calling Elliott Spitzer

Forwarded to me: Hello — hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!  This is Richard Sarbin, owner of Market Development Company in New York.  Nice to meet you, if we haven’t met by e-mail or by phone by now! We have a great opportunity that I want to immediately address with you. We have […]

Losing The Press War

The major labels are like the Bush Administration.  Armed with political capital after a crisis they’ve both proceeded to completely squander it. The labels had the press on their side.  After all, people were stealing their intellectual property, and newspapers are intellectual property too.  Were they next? Actually, on some level, the press is ALREADY […]

Alabama 3 Live At The Astoria

MTV eviscerated the experience.  Acts started swinging for the fences.  It became about image, it was no longer about experience.  It was as if Broadway plays were suddenly broadcast live on television every night.  And they toured arenas.  What was once intimate, what was once only seen in the dark, what was once a religious […]

Hits Sales Chart-11/21/05

1. Madonna Confessions On A Dance Floor"Warner Brothers Sales this week: 344,061Debut Madonna is sleeping well tonight.  If she’s sleeping at all, if she’s not busy planning her next attack on society. On one hand I feel sorry for Madonna.  Who can SHE talk to?  Who can understand and relate to HER story?  I mean […]