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The iPod Is Dying

Well, not exactly, but iPod shipments fell 7% to 10.2 million.To quote Tim Cook (via the WSJ): "We sold 10.2 million iPods which was down from 11 million in the year ago quarter. There were two key reasons for this decline: First, we reduced channel inventory by over 400,000. Second, sales declined by 4% year-over-year." […]

Keith Urban At Staples

It’s about songs. You can be as beautiful as Beyonce, as desirable as Angelina Jolie, and it won’t mean shit in this business unless your songs are good.  You can create atmospheric music that will garner you a sizable audience, but if you want to break through and stay there you’ve got to have a […]

Tony Hawk Pulls A Josh Freese

From: Bill SilvaSubject: tony hawk Don’t know if you follow him on twitter, hilarious, topical, friendly, full of heart.  Check this one… Borrowing an idea from @joshfreese, I came up with some personalized & dream experiences to benefit THF. http://www.tonyhawkexperien…about 5 hours ago from Tweetie Skateboarding with Tony Hawk? I love Josh Freese, but most […]

Social Networking

Too many people believe a social network is something you invade to spread the word on your band.  The goal is not to ride on the back of someone else’s social network, but to create your own. We want to belong.  That’s why MySpace blew up and Twitter too.  The sense of community.  Facebook is […]