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The Information Age

It’s about what you know. Because Tina Brown is hopelessly lost in the last century, she buried the most important story of the year, putting it behind a paywall in the initial digital edition of “Newsweek.” “Eunuchs of the Universe: Tom Wolfe on Wall Street Today” is not the besuited writer’s best work. The introduction […]

Clip Of The Day

Now this clip isn’t riveting, you don’t sit on the edge of your seat fearful it’s going to end. But when you see the women who started businesses because they learned how to code… When you see the Silicon Valley lifestyle, the working environment with free lunch and free dry-cleaning and a room to play […]

J. Law’s Backstage Speech

Oscar for the funniest speech goes to… This is bouncing around the Internet burnishing Jennifer Lawrence’s image while the Academy is home slapping its back for a miniscule ratings increase not admitting it has nothing to do with Seth MacFarlane or the show itself but good movies and the desire to play where everybody else […]

This Is Us-Real Live Roadrunning

This Is Us-Real Live Roadrunning Spotify Listen to that piano! Yup, push the track to 4:13…AND HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN! This is why we go to the show, not to see the nitwits dance, not to see the fearful sing and play to tape, but to hear our favorite tracks just a little bit different, […]