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Best Rock Movie-Sirius This Week

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We are assuming the outrage in the mainstream press will have an effect. It won’t, not much. Did the coverage of Martin Luther King’s assassination stop racism? Hell, there were states that wouldn’t observe his holiday, businesses that still won’t. People are myopic, to change their views is nearly impossible. Meanwhile, those concerned believe if […]

The World Series

Do sports die? I just spent seven and a half hours watching game three of the World Series. It ended after three a.m. on the east coast, it took eighteen innings, and all through it I had to fight looking at my phone. Forget the backlash, we live in a distraction economy, and it’s never […]


Geiger just called me from the airport, he said he was going to see Zhu at Red Rocks, it was sold out, did I know Zhu? NO! You hate to admit this. Even in this overpopulated world where no one really knows what’s going on. So after I got off the call I pulled up […]