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Rock Or Hip-Hop

My Uber driver was a rapper. Told me about signing with a production company, going to SXSW, buying his beats online. So I told him to play me his tracks. Not bad, but a lot of references to other rappers and a lot of profanity, not a lot of substance, but is this the new […]

Taking A Stand Is Good Business

In case you missed the memo, voter registrations went way up after Taylor Swift took a side. You should too, it humanizes you. Call it the millennial ethos. To succeed in the world today you must have an identity, and be proud of it. Sure, there will be backlash from those who don’t agree, but […]


How can we expect the Saudis to tell the truth when our own President tells whoppers on a regular basis? The WaPo, which I started subscribing to a few months back, because I was sick of running out of free articles, following the paper on Twitter because the NYT overtweets and needing to read Margaret […]


You never know how something will play out until you experience it. I learned this lesson when I was 9, when I didn’t want to go to T.O. Baum’s party. We went to SAAC together, that’s “Science And Arts Camp.” It was held at an elementary school in Westport, Connecticut that no longer exists. It’s […]