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The independent music world will continue to grow. As the mainstream continues to shrink. The independent growth will come primarily from acts that play live. If you’re going for chart success you’re in one world. If you’re trying to build a fan base you’re in another. Don’t expect the mainstream press, still dominated by the […]


Even NBC can’t get our attention. That’s why the network is rebooting “Night Court,” which was not a “Seinfeld” level show (although little is), even though it was on the legendary Thursday night schedule as part of “Must See TV.” I might have seen a half hour of “Night Court” tops, when you add in […]

Vogue/Drake/21 Savage

“Drake‚Äôs Fans Love His Fake Promotional Tour. Vogue, Not So Much. – Vogue’s publisher is suing Drake and collaborator 21 Savage for trademark infringement for making fake copies of the magazine to promote their new album, ‘Her Loss’”: This is why the mainstream media gets no respect. It’s completely out of touch! And telling […]

Everything Is A Cult

The casual listener is dead. The best analogy is television. Boomers will remember when you watched what was on, even changing channels was a big deal, you had to get up off the couch before the remote. And then came the remote and ultimately cable TV, with its plethora of channels. But recording was still […]