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“The Navarro Recession, II”

The Navarro Recession, II It’s about the money. It’s always about the money. And when you piss off money, when people lose money, there are consequences. Now you may think the stock market does not affect you, but chances are you’ve got pension money invested, and even if you don’t, its performance has consequences in […]

The Dow Drops

This is what happens when you put an amateur behind the wheel. Government is a professional job, and Hillary Clinton was demonized by the right for thirty years to the point where she could not win the election. Oh, don’t tell me how she won the popular vote, don’t even tell me about Russian intervention, […]

Clyfford Still

I was in Denver for the opening of the Mission Ballroom. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. The following day, my friend John took me to the Clyfford Still Museum. Actually, I’m the art history major, but he seems to see more art than I do, hell, he’s a member! You see Clyfford Still said […]

The Great Hack

 People need movies to explain it to them. And streaming services have elevated documentaries as an art form, and given them more heft. You think it’s about theatrical, when the truth is it’s about streaming. But theatrical is like the “Billboard” chart, a facsimile of what’s happening. If a film grosses a hundred million, […]