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Westfield Century City

Westfield Century City It’s theatre. The mall is dying, that’s what we read. But in truth, the mall resembles everything else in modern America, there are winners and losers and you get to pick which side you’re gonna be on, it takes a ton of hard work, reinvestment, most people don’t want to make the […]

Fashion Nova

You can’t read the story unless you’re a subscriber. The best article I read on the plane out here was about Fashion Nova clothing, a brand built on Instagram. Cheap clothing with tons of varieties sold by models both known and unknown, You want to be a Nova girl. Big or small. This is not […]

The Attention Economy

NEVER PROMOTE BEFORE AVAILABILITY You’re lucky if someone’s noticed, if they’re aware of what you’re advertising/promoting, in a world of endless messages once you’ve got someone hooked you need to allow them to click through freely to purchase/experience your wares, this is why Amazon introduced One Click shopping. You want to reduce friction, you want […]

The End Of Virality

There’s no buzz. Last night I watched “Logan Lucky” on Amazon. That’s where the movies are now, since Netflix has gone into production. I ain’t gonna say it was great, it was paint-by-numbers, something Soderbergh has done before, and I expect more from him, but no one is talking about the film’s appearance on the […]