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The Niche

“What Happens When a Pop Star Isn’t That Popular? – Pop’s middle class enjoys loyal online fan bases. For these artists, pop stardom isn’t a commercial category, but a sound, an aesthetic and an attitude.”: That’s a free link, and you should click on it. As for the Kesha/Dr. Luke story, if you don’t […]

Gaming The System

Focus on sales, they’re disproportionately counted on the chart. Although you can sell CDs and files, focus on vinyl, people buy it as a souvenir and oftentimes don’t even listen to it, but the chart doesn’t care. Make unique, multiple vinyl. So fans have to buy more than one disc. Lie. There is no music […]


The light killed Hollywood. And once the mystery was gone, the old entertainment business was history. There are no movie stars anymore. Except for oldsters, like Harrison Ford, who is 80, and Tom Cruise, who is 60. The paradigm shifted, the film is the star, not the actor. Which is why superhero movies can succeed. […]

TikTok Marketing

I just got off the phone with Ahmed Nimale, CEO and Co-Founder of KYD Labs. Know him? I doubt it. And neither did I, until I hosted a panel about ticketing at Canadian Music Week. Ticketing. It’s a game few understand, and few want to understand. And ultimately this panel wasn’t about solving the ticketing […]