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Bruce Hornsby In Relix

“‘What I owe an audience is what I’m most passionate about at the time,’ he says, ‘And if I’m just going through the motions and saying ‘Here’s that one from this year and here’s this one from this year,’ I’m doing a disservice to my audience.’” Are you an artist or an entertainer? “Relix” used […]

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix Distribution is king. Always was and always will be. You want your work on the most available platform, the one with the most eyeballs. And presently that is Netflix. The purveyance of art used to be based on scarcity. There was only so much, so you could […]

The Vow

I’m looking for me You’re looking for you “The Seeker” The Who If this was on Netflix it would be the talk of the nation. Media gets the message last. It fans the flames of the status quo, the breakthroughs always happen on the fringes. Meanwhile, industry, in an effort to maintain its sacred business […]

Changes In The Landscape

“Rolling Stone” has some of the best music news on the internet. But now you’ve got to pay for it. Sure, you can go to other sites and get an unlimited plethora, a morass too deep and unwieldy to investigate, but “Rolling Stone” has a limited number of articles, most of them interesting, oftentimes including […]