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The Bird Box Phenomenon

In case you missed the memo, and unless you’re addicted to entertainment industry news you probably did, Netflix just announced its movie “Bird Box” was viewed by 45 million accounts and pundits can’t stop questioning the figure, the methodology, the meaning… But it’s very clear, distribution is king. I posit most people were unaware of […]

Pretty Ballerina

And when I see the sign that points one way I didn’t know there was a real Renee. I’ve been trying to finish this book, it’s a real chore. It’s called “Bel Canto” and don’t e-mail me your review, because I know it will contain the ending and spoil it for me. Then again, you […]

Spending To Dominance

Everything is on Netflix. Not only the Boss and Tay-Tay, but all the comedians, if you’re susceptible to hype, you’re aware that Ellen DeGeneres is launching a comedy special. How did this happen? THEY SPENT! Just like Michael Rapino. Word in the business was that he was overpaying for assets, that the company didn’t show […]

Barbra Streisand

What kind of bizarre world do we live in where the hype is bigger than the music? Welcome to 2018, when ancient artists depend upon the press to do their bidding and their new music has no impact. Talk about adjusting to the paradigm…they don’t. Just like the rockers decrying streaming payments as they fade […]