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The Howard Stern Interview

Howard Stern says he has changed. How much? Honesty, credibility, vulnerability…these are the building blocks of a career, these are what bond people to you. Distribution is king. After all, Stern gave this interview to the “New York Times,” the paper of record, the one with gravitas, the one that has lasted. Sure, you can […]


The major labels will lose power. Their tight grasp on the industry was based on control of distribution and media. They’ve lost control of distribution, Spotify is more powerful than every label. No label can afford to pull its catalog from Spotify, it’s their number one payer. So the leverage of their catalogs is gone. […]

Virality Is History

Nothing catches fire anymore. Unless it’s Notre Dame Cathedral. Or to put it another way, we haven’t had that spirit here since 2012, with “Gangnam Style.” Of course there are exceptions, most notably with Mayor Pete. But that was based on substance, and the truth is politics/Washington D.C. is the internet of the era. As […]


First everybody was gonna have a website, then they were gonna have a blog, then a page on Facebook and now pictures on Instagram. What do all these endeavors have in common? They’re passing fads. Because it was too much work and too few people were paying attention. America is evolving into niches. I’m not […]