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737 Max

“This airplane is designed by clowns who are in turn supervised by monkeys.” (Boeing employee) Where is Ralph Nader when you need him? The 737 Max should be scrapped, stricken from the air, but regulators are afraid of putting Boeing out of business. That’s right. In a failed attempt to compete with Airbus, which had […]


This is what happens when baby boomers with MBAs try to compete in the tech sphere…THEY LOSE! Furthermore, this is what happens when Hollywood tries to compete with Silicon Valley…it compromises or it loses! Meg Whitman knows how to make the trains run on time. At eBay and then HP. Come on, tell me about […]

We’re The Stars Now

That’s right, the hoi polloi, the supposed flyover people, the peanut gallery…WE RULE! And we have contempt for you if you step out of your lane. We may even have contempt for you if you stay in your lane! That’s what the billionaire backlash is all about. Stoking the starmaker machinery Behind the popular song […]

Ads Don’t Work

“Bloomberg Spends Millions on Anti-Trump Attack Ads” Trump won because he was a known quantity, in the public eye for decades and then on network TV for years, starting in 2004, when network TV still counted, when Netflix was still sending DVDs by mail and Tony Soprano had no idea who the “Stranger Things” kids […]