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Zach Bryan

Have you listened to this album? IT’S A REVELATION! The insider buzz got to me. How could a guy have the same last name as one of the biggest stars in country music? I couldn’t take him seriously. But when I started seeing his name everywhere… Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about consumer publications, […]

The TikTok Backlash

“Halsey Is the Latest Artist Complaining About the Music Industry’s Reliance on TikTok”: TikTok is the new MTV. The world runs on information. And he or she or they who knows the most triumphs. But wait you say, doesn’t the world run on relationships? Yes. But those relationships run on information. Did you see […]


Netflix isn’t in trouble, Wall Street is. Now let me get this straight, you’ve got “professional” investors and analysts, focusing on money, not art, not the service Netflix provides, who consistently get it wrong in their own field telling us what is going to happen in another field? Hogwash. They’re barely worth listening to. They […]

Formula 1 Finale

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the race yet, don’t read this. I’m so disappointed I could cry. I’m nearly speechless. And it’ll be impossible to explain to those who don’t follow Formula 1, but I now do, and it’s all because of Netflix. Credit Liberty, which purchased F1 from Bernie Ecclestone and brought the […]