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The End Of Virality

There’s no buzz. Last night I watched “Logan Lucky” on Amazon. That’s where the movies are now, since Netflix has gone into production. I ain’t gonna say it was great, it was paint-by-numbers, something Soderbergh has done before, and I expect more from him, but no one is talking about the film’s appearance on the […]

You Spend To Win

The two biggest stories this week are Malone/Liberty taking control of iHeart and Comcast bidding for Sky. Cash is king, and Malone/Liberty use it to buy/invest when the chips are down. That’s how they gained control of not only Sirius XM, but Pandora and now it looks like iHeart. Funny how the king of cable […]


You want to be sponsored. That’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs, whether you’re on the corporate team. And today brands are everything, musical acts come and go, but brands have a much longer lifespan. You align yourself with one and it takes a lot to shake you from it. Look at Elon Musk’s […]

Marketing Is King

Huh? Weren’t we supposed to live in a word of mouth economy, where the cream rose to the top? NO! Actually, never forget that distribution is king. Did you read that NBC tied in with Netflix for the Olympics, with a two hour special? Millennials are cord-cutters, they don’t even see NBC, but they all […]