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Political Texts

I’m sick and tired of political candidates blowing up my phone looking for money. First and foremost is Val Demmings, running against Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida. Every damn day she texts me for money, AND I DON’T EVEN LIVE IN THE DAMN STATE! And the odds of her winning are low anyway, right […]

Trevor Noah Leaves The Daily Show

The goals have changed, and you need to change accordingly. Used to be Johnny Carson was a god. Forget that he’s already been forgotten, at best a distant memory in the minds of boomers and Gen-X’ers, but David Letterman is fading too. Don’t expect Netflix to continue to lay out the big bucks for his […]

Harry Styles At MSG

I’m stunned how much ink Harry Styles is getting for his residency at Madison Square Garden. Dennis Arfa, agent for Billy Joel, quibbles with that term, but the game remains the same, playing an extended run at a venue over a period of time. Billy can do MSG once a month, because he lives in […]


It’s gonna kill tennis. I was riding the lift last winter and my companion was a local. So I asked the usual questions, was she retired, how much does she ski… You see people move to the mountains to ski and stop. It’s classic. First you stop going on busy days, and then you stop […]