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The Great Hack

 People need movies to explain it to them. And streaming services have elevated documentaries as an art form, and given them more heft. You think it’s about theatrical, when the truth is it’s about streaming. But theatrical is like the “Billboard” chart, a facsimile of what’s happening. If a film grosses a hundred million, […]

Netflix Numbers

They’re killing the golden goose. Because price matters. Otherwise everybody would use an iPhone and a Mac, but Netflix is not a premium product, it can’t win appealing to a sliver of the public, it needs all of it. This is how the publishing industry killed digital books. Despite the hosannas of boomers boasting that […]


You know you’re striking a nerve when you get a reaction. This is an analog of “all press is good press.” In the attention economy, it’s nearly impossible to get attention. But Elizabeth Warren has figured out how to do this, and the heads of those on the right are exploding. I know, I hear […]

The Warren Analogy

She’s not using consultants. And she raised $19.1 million dollars last quarter, nearly as much as Biden and Buttigieg. Even more dramatically, she’s not doing the fat cat fundraisers and phone calls. How did she do this? Via message, via credibility, via eschewing the conventional wisdom. Message. That’s the song. It always comes down to […]