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Kate Hudson Makes Music

The surprising thing is it’s pretty good. Hudson’s got a serviceable voice, and Linda Perry is a virtuoso, but is anybody waiting for this album? NO! That paradigm ended with the last century. You know, famous person makes an album with hitmakers, a lot of money is spent on publicity and promotion and then the […]

Taylor Swift Backlash

“Taylor Swift Has Given Fans a Lot. Is It Finally Too Much? – Swift has been inescapable over the last year. With the release of ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ her latest (very long) album, some seem to finally be feeling fatigued.” Free link: Gregg said he hadn’t heard anything about Harry Styles recently, was […]


Porn used to be a controlled business. Because of distribution. I.e. you could make a movie, but could you get it into a theatre? Probably not. Furthermore, it wasn’t so cheap to make a movie, you couldn’t be like Soderbergh and shoot it on your nonexistent iPhone. And then came home video, first videocassettes and […]

E-Mail Of The Day

From: Mr. M. Shadows Subject: Update: Avenged Sevenfold VR / Blockchain Bob- Hope you are well. I still get people in the industry bringing up our talk we did a while ago so thought I’d hit you with an update. I have been working hard on the full vision of our fan ecosystem. On the […]