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More iTunes Plus

And they wonder why we hate them. In case you’ve been out of the Net loop, when you buy an UNRESTRICTED track at the iTunes Store, it comes with your NAME and E-MAIL address EMBEDDED! Why is it these fucks think we won’t catch on, that we’re ignorant and won’t spread the word how fucked […]

iTunes Plus

This is fucked up. The way I understood it, you had the option of paying 99 cents for the usual version, or $1.29 for the hi-res one. Seems simple enough.  They exist side by side.  You just choose which one you want.  But NO! So I upgrade my iTunes software, and then search for one […]


Christina Aguilera needed a protector, someone who would allow her to follow her own vision, she signed with Irving Azoff. Phish was a band up from the streets, er, frat house floor, they ended up being managed by John Paluska. Would Phish have been better off with Azoff?  Would Aguilera have been better off with […]


Where are the discounts the Internet was supposed to deliver? On the front page of today’s L.A. "Times" is an article about new startup airlines.  Sans frills, they sell tickets as cheap as ten bucks.  Sometimes even one cent.  How do they do it?  Skybus has no telephone service center, everything is done on the […]