iTunes Plus

This is fucked up.

The way I understood it, you had the option of paying 99 cents for the usual version, or $1.29 for the hi-res one.

Seems simple enough.  They exist side by side.  You just choose which one you want.  But NO!

So I upgrade my iTunes software, and then search for one of my favorite McCartney tracks, "Letting Go" from "Venus & Mars".  I’ve got some credit, I’ll buy it to see how good it sounds.

But when searching I could only find a handful of McCartney albums, lame ones like "Press To Play".  As a matter of fact, I only saw FIVE McCartney albums when I said to show me all that was available, 41 songs in all.

But when I went to the iTunes Store homepage, and clicked on iTunes Plus, I saw "Band On The Run".  But when I clicked on that…I got a message.  "Do You Want to Set Your iTunes Plus Preference?"

"By selecting iTunes Plus below, you will always see the iTunes Plus version of an album or music video whenever one is available.  You can change this preference by going to your iTunes Store Account page at any time."

Why would I want to do that?  I want to see BOTH versions.

But when I clicked "Cancel", I found out I couldn’t look at ANY hi-res versions!

So I clicked okay, and then I found out I could no longer see the 99 cent versions!

So I went to change the preference.  In Preferences, under the iTunes Menu in the iTunes software.  But there was no option in "Store" to go back!

I was flummoxed.  Had I lost 99 cent tracks FOREVER!

Then, furiously checking every menu in the iTunes program, under Store, I found "View My Account".  So I clicked on that.

Well, first I had to remember my password…

Then, once inside the system, at the top of my account screen, there was an option to "Manage iTunes Plus".  The fucking boilerplate gives one the impression that you will be able to see the hi-res/iTunes Plus version whenever one is available.  It DOESN’T tell you that if you click this box you will never see the standard priced one AGAIN!

At least I remembered to go to my account page.  Since you only see the iTunes Plus option once, you’ve got to REMEMBER that you clicked this option.  Otherwise, you will believe music is now $1.29.

This is fucking nuts.  This is bait and switch.  This needs to end IMMEDIATELY!

When I go to buy a car, they don’t say if I want to LOOK at the one loaded up with options I can no longer look at the base model.  Unless I remember that there are multiple levels and I go into the manager’s office and sign a waiver.  And then I can’t look at the EXPENSIVE version unless I go back into the office!

And since you can only see one or the other, how many people are gonna no longer know that a cheap version is available?

Utter fucking bullshit.

Whom do I blame?  Eric Nicoli or Steve Jobs?

Give us the option, cheap or expensive.  That’s the American way, comparison shopping.

But not in music.  The going out of business labels are CONTINUING to fuck their customers.

P.S. If you click to accept iTunes Plus, THEN you can see "Venus & Mars".  I clicked on "Letting Go", I’m still waiting for it to download…  Oops, I got an error code.  Has the track been lost forever?  Have I lost my money?  Doesn’t seem like iTunes Plus is ready for prime time.

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