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The Apple Keynote

Apple built its business on being late to the market but better. Starting with CD burners and iTunes, then the iPod and iPhone. All had predecessors, all worked better than they did. Furthermore, Apple worked best when it was a de facto monopoly. Like with the iPod and then the initial years of the iPhone. […]

The Rain

It doesn’t rain the same way in Southern California as it does on the east coast. The same way it doesn’t snow in Colorado like it does in Utah. In Utah, it dumps, oftentimes four inches an hour, you can barely see in front of you, you’re in a cocoon of flakes, it’s quiet, you […]


This is what happens when innovation dies. We’ve seen this movie before, with Sony. Sony developed the Trinitron television system, which was definitely better than its competitors, sharper, more true. And it charged about a hundred dollars more, when TV sets cost far from a thousand bucks. And then the whole world went to flat […]


WWDC It was a nerdfest. The gold rush is over, tech is commonplace, the big companies won, you’re a user, not an early-adopter, and maybe you use Apple products. Or maybe you don’t. It’s the theme of our nation. The haves and the have-nots. It runs through politics and education and tech. Can you afford […]