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Apple Antitrust/Streaming Future-SiriusXM This Week

Tune in Saturday March 23rd to Faction Talk, channel 103, at 4 PM East, 1 PM West. If you miss the episode, you can hear it on demand on the SiriusXM app. Search: Lefsetz


The two biggest stories in America today are AI and the Sphere, and neither were in the public consciousness a year ago. Oh that’s not right Bob, what about Taylor Swift, and Gaza? Well, the Israeli/Arab conflict is always simmering, it’s always in the news. As for Taylor Swift… This is not a new story. […]

Computer Lesson

I’m writing the below because I constantly interact with boomers online, especially doing podcasts, who are technologically impaired, even though they’re musicians and use Pro Tools. Boomers are all about the external, they’ve got an iPhone 15 and the latest MacBook Air, they tell you how much they know, but oftentimes they are clueless. If […]

The Wired Article

“Watch This Guy Work, and You’ll Finally Understand the TikTok Era – The creator economy is fragmented and chaotic. Talent manager Ursus Magana can (almost) make sense of it, with a frenetic formula for gaming the algorithms.” : 1 Once upon a time, “Wired” was required reading. You might be unaware it’s still publishing. […]