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“How Volkswagen’s $50 Billion Plan to Beat Tesla Short-Circuited – Faulty software set back a bid by the world’s largest car maker for electric-vehicle dominance”: Will Tesla win in the end? Everybody said it wouldn’t, and most people still believe that the stock is overvalued, but the truth is making an electric car is […]

Facebook/Apple Spat

“Facebook Attacks Apple Software Changes in Newspaper Ads”: Your business model is not inviolate. Now let me get this straight… The techies disrupted music, retail, seemingly every walk of life, but when it comes to them disruption is off limits, they must be protected? Who protected MySpace when Facebook disrupted the first big social […]

Uncanny Valley I spent all day Thursday, i.e. Thanksgiving, finishing John Boyne’s book “The Heart’s Invisible Furies”: It’s not new, as a matter of fact it came out in 2017, but it was rated one of the best books of that year and I’m all about research and I discovered it and reserved it at […]

Music Business Election Lessons

It’s not the 1960s anymore. You remember, the era when music drove the culture and impacted young ‘uns philosophies. Musicians were wise gurus. Sure, they were getting wealthy, but concert tickets were three, four and five dollars. Albums were under five bucks and royalty rates were low. There were no tech billionaires, never mind finance […]