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Bob you are 100% right about spatial audio. I learned a lot about this during my time with the ill-fated QSound. Not only do we only have 2 ears but they’re programmed to turn and FACE the source of sounds. It’s a primitive, autonomic survival mechanism – can’t be bypassed or tech-tricked into not working. […]

More iPhone 14 Pro Max

1 This is where I get pissed off at my readers. Well, at least those who responded. Number one, I DID NOT SWITCH TO T-MOBILE! This makes me crazy, not only the people who can’t read, but don’t read. Happens all the time. I write about something and I get scabrous e-mail from people that […]

iPhone 14 Pro Max

I’ve got no service. Haven’t had any cellular since last night. When I exported the data from my iPhone 13 Pro Max to my new iPhone 14 Pro Max. But it gets worse. No, it can’t be any worse than that. In a world where you only have one phone line, and my cell is […]

HP Envy 6455e

I’m so proud of myself. I bought a new printer. I didn’t want to, but the old one no longer printed in color. And then it printed blurry black and I put two new cartridges in and it didn’t fix the problem, after cleaning the heads and doing the rest of the procedures in the […]