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Peter Asher-This Week’s Podcast

I saw him and Gordon headlining on the Steel Pier at Atlantic City. What I did not know was the story of Paul McCartney finishing “World Without Love” for the duo. Peter tells it here. As well as going down into his family’s basement to hear the Fab Four’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand” […]

The Charlie Walk Letter

#metoo: An Open Letter to Charlie Walk I’m not sure this demands additional comment, but I will say the music business has been curiously quiet when it comes to #metoo and I wonder why, is it because it’s essentially an independent contractor business, one wherein everybody’s too afraid of damaging future relationships to speak up? […]

We Was Robbed!

The Grammys are worthless, despite what Bono extemporaneously said. Made me believe you’re better off reading the script. When you get this old you go for gravitas, you don’t show up for every photo op, but Paul didn’t get the memo, he thinks if he gets facetime his audience will care, but his audience is […]

Jay Z/Trump

What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where a rapper has more gravitas and self-control than the President of the United States? One in which the culture is driven by African-Americans and elder white people want to jet back to a past that never even existed in the first place. Donald Trump […]