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More Elvis Costello

The A&R man said I don’t hear a single "Into The Great Wide Open"Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers That’s exactly where we’re going.  Into the great wide open. Single-mania didn’t hit until the era of MTV, when everything became focused on the track.  You honed the music, shot an expensive video, rolling the dice, hoping […]

This Week’s Rhinocast…

I hate to hype my own work, but I want to expose you to Keith Urban. I got the one I love beside meMy troubles behind meI’m alive and I’m freeWho wouldn’t wanna be me That’s what music is supposed to do…  MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!I found out this podcast was up by researching myself […]

Tell Me Why

I just finished a book entitled "The Talent Code". It’s not much different from "Outliers".  It references the same 10,000 hours for greatness.  But there’s a bit of science, illustrating that it’s all about the formation of myelin on your nerves via "deep practice".  The more myelin, the more skill.  Deep practice is about breaking […]

Slacker vs. Pandora

Pandora SUCKS! I’m not sure computer-compiled radio is the future, but the fact that bozos listen to Pandora illustrates to me that you can sell crap to the public, because people are too dumb to know any better. Try fine-tuning your Pandora station.  I know someone who’s invested 200 hours in creating ONE Pandora station!  […]