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I just got a call from a paper in Glasgow, wanting to interview me about the future of the music industry.  The writer proffered the term "access".  The new buzzword spoken by Paul McGuinness.  Isn’t that what people wanted? NO!! I find it hard to believe, nine years into this online music revolution, that industryites […]

Getting Older

I couldn’t remember the name of the watch repairman. All my brain could say was "Walter Odemer".  Who was Walter Odemer?  Then I remembered, back in ’74, when I moved to L.A., Walter Odemer controlled Blaupunkts.  So if you went to the BMW dealer and you had a problem with your radio, you didn’t deal […]

Digging In The Dirt

1 Maybe it’s just one of those days where EVERYTHING sounds good. On the way to the dentist, I heard a live, in-studio version of Los Lobos’ "Peace" on XM’s Loft.  And Van Morrison’s "Cry For Home" resonated when I heard it on Sirius’ Spectrum.  But in between, I was elated in the Southern California […]


Is Starbucks a band? Is it something that you discover and revel in, tell all your friends about and then abandon when the hoi polloi partake? All I hear about Starbucks is the coffee tastes burnt. And if you dig a bit deeper, everybody who testified about the vibe now tells a different story. How […]