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The International

The International I don’t know how this thing works, BUT BOY DOES IT SOUND GOOD! Remember 1976… Scratch that, you probably weren’t even alive back then. But not only was it the bicentennial year, the preoccupation of young males was the stereo shop. Saturday afternoons, nights alone with your magazines, you’d contemplate all the stereo […]

Sean’s Screed

“Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About Internet Journalism” by Sean Parker He’s right, but he’s wrong. Is the blogosphere, the online “news” world, more interested in clicks than facts? YOU BET! Is this a problem? OF COURSE! But to hear a billionaire whine on for 9500 words that he’s been misunderstood is […]

Rhinofy-Semi-Obscure Eagles

Yes, the Eagles are now on Spotify, or as Don Henley prefers it to be said…Eagles are now on Spotify, which puts them ahead of the Beatles and AC/DC and everybody else who believes they can hold back the future, who is angry at Spotify while all their tracks are being streamed on YouTube. And […]

Emily Ratajkowski

Used to be nudity killed your career. But that was back when movie stars didn’t do television, before everything we knew turned out to be wrong. Where’s that girl in the Billy Idol video today? And while you’re at it, where are the girls in the Robert Palmer video? I’ve got no idea. Emily Ratajkowski […]