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Artist Development

It’s back.  And its return has nothing to do with a change in record company strategy, no big time thinking on the part of managers or acts, but a change in the marketplace. It’s just about impossible to be ubiquitous.  And the cost of mainstream acceptance is prohibitive, not only in dollars, but career.  If […]

Jobs’ Open Letter On Flash

Thoughts on Flash Why can’t the music industry do this? Jobs/Apple has been pilloried for weeks regarding the company’s refusal to allow Flash on its mobile devices and the dictation of permissible software development tools. It’s become a tsunami.  Steve and Apple are bullies, out of touch with modern computing, they want to own the […]

Sales-Week Ending 4/25/10

1. Glee "Power Of Madonna" Sales this week: 97,973Debut Madonna always knew a hit song, no matter who wrote it (or who she wrote it with), and we learn once again the song is king.  A great song can be sung by anyone.  But what’s most interesting here is the sheer quantity of product, what […]

What’s The Drawback

Is there a crime in having a good singer? Who do we blame here?  Too many shoegazing alternative acts or the Internet?  Used to be, after watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, when you formed a band you needed not only a lead guitarist, a rhythm player and bassist, a drummer too, but a LEAD […]