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Jac Holzman Replies

Re: It’s the Money From: Jac HolzmanSubject: It’s NOT Just the money! Bob – Elektra was sold/merged for two very specific reasons, and it wasn’t "just for the money.". First the need for Elektra to have powerhouse distribution. Independent distribs were only marginally effective and this was true for every independent label gaining traction in […]

These Are The Good Old Days

We are living in the greatest era for music ever, and if you don’t believe this you’re an executive, not an artist. Why? Because of access. Although rights holders have not figured out a way to monetize this access, presently the history of recorded music is at the fan’s fingertips.  And it’s not hard to […]

God Of Carnage

There’s something exhilarating about watching great actors perform.  It’s like watching Michael Jordan sink a basket with tenths of a second left on the clock, or watching Jeff Beck wring notes from his guitar.  Surrounded by mediocrity, our eyes bug out when we’re exposed to brilliance. Everybody wants us to settle for mediocrity.  It’s good […]

It’s The Money

Once upon a time you couldn’t get rich in the music business, not really rich, not Lloyd Blankfein rich, not corporate America rich, not fuck you rich. Music was a developing business.  Akin to snowboarding and computers and so many other enterprises that started out as hobbies but eventually generated boatloads of cash. Sure, there […]