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I’m catching up on my Twitter feed and I come across this, from Jim Fusilli, the "Wall Street Journal" music critic: "I’ll play along: Make the case for any Faces track." The problem with the Faces is just like their lead singer, Rod Stewart, their albums got worse as their career progressed. But in the […]


Ask not what the middleman can do for you, ask what you can do that’s so good it eliminates the need for a middleman. Yesterday I went to the Houdini exhibit at the Skirball Museum.  Other than astounding me with the number of Jews in magic, I was struck by the technological changes that wreaked […]


All the scuttlebutt about Adele has been the chart success, BUT HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE MUSIC? For too many years we’ve been inundated with look at me artists.  I’m better than you.  Watch me dance, see my big tits, come join the party. You don’t want to party with Adele.  THERE IS NO PARTY! […]

Music Trumps Everything

Read this story: The secret of Adele’s success?  No festivals, tweeting – or selling out.  Soul superstar reveals how staying small has made her massive This is SO right it should be distributed to every wannabe musician to shed light on the proper direction to take in a career. It’s about music.  And credibility.  And […]