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The independent music world will continue to grow. As the mainstream continues to shrink. The independent growth will come primarily from acts that play live. If you’re going for chart success you’re in one world. If you’re trying to build a fan base you’re in another. Don’t expect the mainstream press, still dominated by the […]


TICKETING “Ticketmaster fees: ‘There’s a real lack of understanding,’ analyst says” Quote from analyst Brandon Ross: “The problem that you have is, I think there’s a real lack of understanding, sometimes from the artist’s perspective, and definitely from the fan perspective, as to where those fees are actually coming from. In the case of The […]

Taylor Swift Tickets Available!

Wanna go? You’ll have no problem getting a ticket. Why doesn’t Congress utter a mea culpa, admit it knows nothing about ticketing. Next Friday night Taylor Swift is performing in Glendale, Arizona. Want to sit in the very first section, closest to the stage? That’s available. Not cheap, in the neighborhood of $500 apiece, but […]


GARY ROSSINGTON/LYNYRD SKYNYRD In April of 1987 I was working with Alex Cooley and Peter Conlon promoting concerts in Atlanta and still doing a little management. My old friend Gary Rossington and his wife Dale Krantz Rossington called me to say Amber Ertegun suggested they talk to me  about me managing their band Rossington. We […]