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Livestream-Craig Newman Singalong

Craig Newman – Facebook Craig Newman, agent at APA, tummler par excellence, is having another singalong today, Sunday, at 1:30 PM west coast time (i.e. 4:30 PM east coast time). This is positively a G-rated affair. Craig sings and tells stories along with his daughter Sadie. We tuned in last week and it was fun, […]

Coachella Cancellation

Of course it’s going to be canceled, it’s just a matter of when. You see it’s all about the money. Goldenvoice has to pay the acts unless there’s force majeure, essentially an act of God, something completely out of the control of the promoter. As for insurance? Ever since SARS the promoters have none. So, […]

The Super Bowl

Rule number one… You don’t let the opening act upstage you. We know J.Lo can’t sing, but we always thought she was a fly dancer. But Shakira trumped her on both counts, if I was J.Lo’s manager, I’d be hiding. The Super Bowl wasn’t so super until Joe Namath and the Jets beat the Colts […]

Aerosmith At Musicares

Now we know rock is dead. Musicares is where you can do a year’s worth of business in one night. Everybody flies in for the event. But it’s not only a who’s who, it’s also a who’s not. How can you tell? The better dressed they are, the more they take black tie seriously, the […]