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Tom Rush Weighs In

Responding to what Sasha Brown said, Bob, he’s right on about life on the road and the toll it takes, and the dedication it requires. Sometime in the mid-70s I came to realize that the artist was simply a money pump for the labels, the managers, the agents. I was travelling with, as I recall, […]

Steven Page Live From Home XLI

That’s forty one, if I can still decode Roman numerals. The best part of this two hour and fifteen minute zoomcast was the very end, when the camera pointed at all the attendees…THEY WERE SO NORMAL! I do it for my fans… Fans have become caricatures, people with no life, who will talk nonstop about […]

H.E.R. Beats Abel This Weeknd At The Super Bowl

Never was so much spent on so little. You rise to the occasion. Getting the gig is one thing, delivering is another. And it’s not as simple as performing, art is all about conception, and the Weeknd seems to have ceded his entire production to third parties and in the process lost control of his […]

Quittin’ Time

Spotify: YouTube: It’s track #30. I was listening to podcasts looking for answers, trying to understand what is going on in this nation of ours, where we’re headed, but despite all the speaking I was hearing nothing, at least nothing I did not know. I started with the WaPo’s “Big Idea,” but the […]