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Re-Vaccinations/Concerts/Showing Up

It’s funny that the “stay home if you are scared of the virus, let us live our lives” crowd is now the “I’m scared of the vaccine, but don’t put limits on me” crowd.  It’s the same people who said private businesses don’t have to serve a gay couple a wedding cake, but when a […]

But Will They Show Up?

Last night Felice journeyed to her sister’s house for an “In the Heights” viewing party (I did not go, I still do not have enough B-cells to retake the vaccine). After eating Mexican food and Marie Callender’s pies, six fully vaccinated people sat in front of the 75″ OLED screen and watched the movie on […]

Digital Covid Status Certificates for E.U. Travelers Go Live What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where the countries of the European Union are more advanced than the United States? One in which the citizens of the States have been fed the b.s. that’s it’s the greatest country in the world, advanced in all ways, nearly infallible, when that is […]

1971-Episode One I’ve been thinking I was born at the wrong time. Now I’m not so sure. On one hand I was born at exactly the right time, I was 10 when the Beatles broke, I was there for the British Invasion, I saw the whole movie, many of my contemporaries were not, if you were […]