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The Chainsmokers At The Forum

I’d go again. Isn’t that the main criterion? That’s how it used to be, the show was so good that you told all your friends and had to see every tour for not only the songs, but the production that you might not ever see again. And believe me, this show is about production. Actually, […]

Black Crowes At The Troubadour

That’s rock and roll. You know it when you see it, when you feel it, when you hear it. Now I know why Chris Robinson gets all the girls. In regular life, he’s just a skinny, geeky guy. But when the music starts… If you lived through the pre-internet era, you know what I’m talking […]

Lucinda Williams Does Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

There are two music businesses. The one you see in the media and the one that flies under the radar. You know everything about what Is happening with today’s stars, shenanigans are part of the sale, with it so hard to reach anybody these days, they appear everywhere, just so you’ll know their name, even […]

The Who At The Hollywood Bowl

This is our classical music. This was Pete’s show. Not that Roger was not great, not that the vocals were superfluous, it’s just that Pete SHINED! You know Pete, complaining about his tinnitus, saying he’s got to play behind plexiglass, has to strum an acoustic…THAT’S HISTORY! The show began with Liam Gallagher, in a poncho […]