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Brandi Carlile Does Joni Mitchell’s Blue

It was a religious experience. The only song I clapped for was “California,” otherwise I sat there transfixed, driven deep into my own soul. How often do you go to a show and know every word, literally? Joni Mitchell was a known quantity because of “Both Sides Now” and “The Circle Game.” Actually, Joni’s songs […]

Dave Mason At The Saban

He’s a gunslinger. This is not the show I expected. I expected Dave would come out and do a soft rock rendition of his hits for a geriatric audience which remembers “We Just Disagree,” and maybe a smattering of fans of “Alone Together.” Instead, it was just like 1969 or ’70, when the Fillmores were […]

Rufus Du Sol at L.A. State Historic Park

Why was everybody there? There’s been no radio, no print, but the gig was sold out, at just over 20,000. What is happening here? No one exactly knows. The label head said it was the similarity to Depeche Mode. The manager said it was Coachella. That they dominated the Gobi tent. And that everywhere they […]

Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly At The Saban

It wasn’t creepy. I was shocked how many people were there, it was essentially sold out. How did they know and why did they go? Advertising, Nelly told me, she runs marketing for the tour. I didn’t see any of it, not a bit, but that just shows how vast the world now is, you […]