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Bob Geldof

The best story was playing Boggle with Barbra Streisand and Gregory Peck. Or maybe it was getting a call from the Pope, after telling a Cardinal how to deal with the Russians. Not that Bob was boasting, but this is is his life. I was worried, that he’d be irascible and withholding…ANYTHING BUT! First he […]

Celebrating David Bowie

You rarely hear the Thin White Duke anymore. And I’ll be honest, I never stream the tracks, although “Moonage Daydream” is emblazoned on my brain and I find myself singing it all the time. But this assemblage did not play that, nor did they play my other favorite, “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” The latter […]

Programming Notes

THE PODCAST We are switching distributors, so we’re on hiatus for a bit, but we’re definitely coming back, much sooner rather than later. SIRIUS XM VOLUME 106 This week’s guest is Dorothy Carvello, who wrote “Anything For A Hit.” You can read what I wrote about her book here Once again, Dorothy tells the tales […]

Ringo, et al, At The Greek

The best part was soundcheck. Graham Gouldman and Luke invited me. It was just me and Barbara Bach and another woman in the seats and in between numbers Ringo asked who I was and then said hi to me from the stage. Kind of a mind-bending experience if you were around back then, in ’64, […]