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Bublé At Staples

It was billed as “An Evening With.” And it most certainly was. The media focuses on recordings, but all the action is on the road. You keep on reading about the comeback of the recording industry, but to a great degree the two have diverged. Recording is about hip-hop, evanescence. Live is about all genres, […]

Jamey Johnson At The Wiltern

I didn’t want to go to the Wiltern. I’d already been back and forth to Hollywood earlier in the day. And in L.A. there’s substandard public transportation, so you have to drive, which is why we all believe Howard Stern is our best friend. And I fired up all three map apps and compared and […]

The Oscars

And the winner is… MUSIC! Come on. The Grammys are over-debated, the performances not only leaked, but promoted. But when Queen came on the stage to rock us… THEY DID! Generations have passed. Our parents are either deceased or in the old folks’ home. We rockers, who grew up with the Beatles, we remember, this […]

The Beach Boys At The Vilar

Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world That’s one thing that’s been lost in the rewriting of sixties history, the optimism. We had hope, we believed we could conquer, we believed life was not limited, and the goal was to go to California, ride the waves and hook up with a […]