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The Lumineers Open The MIssion Ballroom

Strasburg told me the story on Chair 10. Used to be a dedicated reader could tell what was going on, a subscription to “Billboard” was enough. Not anymore. There’s no music publication that will hip you to the business. Today you’ve got to know the people, and that’s a damn hard thing to do, because […]

ODESZA At L.A. Historic Park

Evolve or die. I can’t go to see the oldsters anymore. I saw them when they were coming up, on the reunion tour and then the one after that…do I really want to relive the past that badly? Of course there are exceptions, more than a few, but I just don’t understand how the boomers […]

America At The Ace

It was joyous! The seventies get a bad rap. The era is seen as one of excess, as opposed to the progenitor era of the sixties, where the Beatles caused a revolution and the album became a statement and… If you went to a gig in the sixties, the sound was often bad, frequently the […]

Peter Noone At The Saban

This could have been lousy, but instead it was JOYOUS! You know, ancient rocker listlessly sings his hits, would rather be anywhere but here and you can feel it, going through the motions for cash. BUT IT WASN’T THAT WAY AT ALL! First and foremost because Peter Noone has a sense of humor about himself. […]