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Bottlerock-This Week’s Podcast

Bottlerock is America’s most upscale major festival. Based in Napa, the food is not the usual institutional fare, but served by restaurants from the area, never mind the wine… I talk with the three principals about the cost and perks of the various levels of ticketing, and then we dive deep into the history and […]


From: Robert Fripp Dear Bob, Thank you for the review of Toby Amies’ documentary. Which wasn’t much about KC, but it did show that if Music is your aim, it is a life or death undertaking. Vb, Robert ______________________________________ Subject: Toby Keith – An American Hero I thought you may appreciate this: Toby Keith was […]

E-Mail Of The Day

From: Mr. M. Shadows Subject: Update: Avenged Sevenfold VR / Blockchain Bob- Hope you are well. I still get people in the industry bringing up our talk we did a while ago so thought I’d hit you with an update. I have been working hard on the full vision of our fan ecosystem. On the […]

Americanafest Salute To Paul Simon At The Troubadour

Only in Los Angeles. It was the anti-Spotify Top 50. Working musicians, most sans mainstream fame, all on the same stage performing the songs of one of America’s most revered songwriters. Or to paraphrase Max Yasgur, it was five hundred people getting together for three hours of fun and music and nothing but fun and […]