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Touring Snapshot

Every show has to play. If a band member, even a member of the entourage, gets infected with Covid-19 it’s a disaster. Don’t expect the hoi polloi to understand touring, after all they can’t understand ticketing, not even the government can understand ticketing, the public thinks that Ticketmaster gets all the fees and the scalpers […]


1 It was a musical turning point. I found out about the attack on the Twin Towers from Kate, she called and invited me to her house to watch TV, we needed to all be together. And then I woke up my computer. It was a Power Mac G4. I’d started with a Mac Plus […]


Subject: Re: The New James McMurtry Album Hey Bob Thanks so much for giving James new record Horses and the Hounds some love.  I am very proud of it. James is more than an artist I have worked with since the beginning, he is a close friend. For me the work is the reward particularly […]


Maybe Kanye never should have put it out. If you haven’t been paying attention, Kanye West kept tweaking his album, and he held multiple listening parties in preparation for the final release. As a matter of fact, he’s still arguing with Universal over the final release. Anyway, the listening parties in Atlanta and Chicago were […]