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Adele In Vegas

It’s always the stars that change the paradigm. Credit John Meglen with starting the Vegas residency trend, with Celine Dion. And over the years more and more acts have played there for extended periods. And now we’ve got Adele. The traveling is hell. Isn’t that what Dan Fogelberg said? The traveling kills you. The best […]


Re: Morgan Wallen   I had never heard of Morgan Wallen until he appeared on Saturday Night Live in December 2020.  Mr. Wallen had been cancelled from a previously scheduled appearance on SNL in October 2020 for not following the SNL guidelines regarding COVID19.   SNL let him appear in December.  We watched his performance and […]

LL Cool J At The R&RHOF

He knocked us out. It was his Prince at the Super Bowl moment. I can’t watch this stuff in real time, I’m not even sure if I care anymore. You’ve got white girls and Tom Hanks blandly testifying as to the greatness of Carole King, who is truly the G.O.A.T., and then Dr. Dre comes […]

Adele’s Special

Beat the Grammys in the ratings. And to make the comparison even more interesting, they shared the same producer, Ben Winston! Variety shows are dead. People don’t want to sit through anything they’re not interested in. NOTHING! So if you’re producing something trying to appeal to everyone, you’re in a death spiral. Hell, Adele’s special […]