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Boston Strong

Oh to write a song as good as “Shower The People”… I’m supposed to be at dinner, but I can’t stop watching “Boston Strong.” Once upon a time these events were on television, when they were infrequent, when we had not yet become inured to tragedy in our lives. Still, isn’t it interesting that when […]


Subject: IMS Business Reports Hi Bob, We had a delay on making the reports free, Monday was a bank holiday and then the team took the day to re-code the website section to make it free. It now is and you can direct your readers to this link for the download All the best. […]

The Daft Punk Album

Don’t believe the hype. Its success had little to do with the marketing campaign. Other than it motivated core fans! That’s the story here. Kind of like when Apple introduces a new product. Daft Punk fans, earned over two decades, track the act incessantly, and when they heard a new record was imminent, they couldn’t […]

Final Ibiza

1. I’m in a fog. Man was not made to fly across eight time zones. I never quite caught up while I was there, and although flying east to west is so much easier on the body, yesterday all I did was sleep. They say it’s one day of recovery for every time zone. I […]