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Geek Gods

From a thirtysomething female friend of mine: I am sure you have already read this, being the instigator of the fabulousness of geekdom for the past umpteen years…but I definitely think these geeky guys have become the football jocks of this genration–the "popular" girls are gravitating toward them in high school–a true reversal of fortune […]


So I’m sitting in the urologist’s office reading "Freakonomics" about conventional wisdom. First the authors start off with the concept of asking questions.  It is said those questions that have not been asked are not going to yield interesting answers.  That all the GOOD questions have been pondered again and again.  The goal is to […]

Do What You Want, Be What You Are

So I’m cruising down the San Diego Freeway just before four, a.m., battling the liquid fog on my windshield, listening to XM.  Wait any longer, like last week, around five, and it’s a whole new day.  It’s scary.  But, last night, it was still nighttime.  And I heard "Be Nice To Me". Todd Rundgren might […]

Hanging With Leppard

I’ve got to know tonightIf you’re alone tonightCan’t stop this feelingCan’t stop this fire How much is a hang with Def Leppard WORTH? Twenty five thousand dollars and change. That’s what this woman from South Carolina bid on eBay. For her and a guest to spend the afternoon watching Leppard shoot a video and rehearse. […]