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Okay, I got e-mail wondering if Cliff Burnstein was drinking some hootch, or… If you don’t know what Ethel is, you’re still listening to FM radio. Please read today’s "New York Times" on Mark Cuban and simultaneous delivery of movies to homes and theatres.  Oh, he’s talking about a DVD option, but hate to clue […]

White Earbuds

Something’s happening in Apple land.  CONSTANTLY! The company is about to blow up video on the Web.  Hell did you see in iTunes 4.8 there’s a button to show video FULL SCREEN??  What, you mean you didn’t download 4.8??  Are you living in the WINDOWS WORLD, where to upgrade your computer is akin to bungee […]

Q Prime

So I’m sitting in Cliff’s office and he starts waxing RHAPSODIC about the Kaiser Chiefs song. Talk to anybody at a label these days.  They all say the same thing, it’s no FUN!  Instead of camaraderie and good times there’s an atmosphere of fear and nary a week goes by without another lifelong friend disappearing.  […]

New York City-Minute One

New York City, just like I pictured it What the fuck is up with the RAIN? We must have landed in NEW JERSEY!  I mean if I wanted to DRIVE to Kennedy…  I mean it’s pouring out, and we’re driving in the 767, mile after mile, watching the water stream down the windows.  THIS is […]