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Jeff Jampol Responds

Hi, Bob: As The Doors’ manager, I thought I’d take a stab at weighing in after reading your interesting commentary. First off, let me state for the record that I am clearly biased here and in no way objective – The Doors pay me, and when The Doors make money, I make money. Their legacy […]

The End

It’s bad enough that "Rolling Stone" has morphed into "Esquire" for a slightly younger generation, with a perfect binding that makes it impossible to fully grasp Angus Young’s mug, he looks like some origami trick from the back cover of "MAD", but what had me blowing chunks was the ad four pages into the magazine…  […]

Zeppelin “Reunion”

No one wanted to see Jimmy Page play old Zeppelin numbers with Black Crowes, who in the hell is going to want to see him play these same dusty numbers with either a wannabe or an 80’s hack? Give it up. But Jimmy’s itchy. But he lost credibility doing that Leona Lewis Olympics thing.  And […]

Annie Use Your Telescope

I woke up needing to hear a record. Actually, this need evidenced itself the multiple times I woke up last night. Prior to going to bed, I listened to Jack Mannequin’s new album, "The Glass Passenger", on my iPod as I read the newspapers.  Distracted, the music as background, the album started to reveal itself. […]