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“Listen, when I’m competin’ I’m suicidal… This is my only moment to show the world who I am ’cause my self-esteem is so low I never…they’re gonna know my name now!” Mike Tyson Successful people are not normal people. They’ve got something to prove. I don’t care if you’re CEO of a Fortune 500 company […]


Why does everybody think they can write? Ten years ago, a book crept into the public consciousness and has remained there, the author became internationally famous and gives high-priced speeches to corporations in far-flung communities to this day. That book was “The Tipping Point,” that author was Malcolm Gladwell. First and foremost, Gladwell can write. […]

The $20 Ticket

Can Kid Rock change the concert business? His father sold Lincolns. Where I grew up, there were no rich people. No bankers, no right wing titans ranting the poor were lazy and the government was taking all their hard-earned money. Some dads worked for the electric company, others sold insurance or held blue-collar jobs. The […]

Rhinofy-Status Back Baby

I’m losing status at the high school I used to think that it was my school They say it’s the greatest time of your life. Hogwash! If you were a cheerleader, captain of the football team…if you were popular in high school chances are you were not part of the rock revolution. No, I’m not […]